Inspiring hope

and providing comfort to children in distress


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Inspiring hope and providing comfort

to children facing significant challenges...

TOGETHER we can provide comfort and INSPIRE HOPE

How We Provide Comfort

Relief Organizations

There are an estimated 400 million children under the age of 13 living in extreme poverty around the world. Organizations that provide food, housing and medical services also help distribute “Little Hugs” to these children, most of whom have never received a new toy.  A “Little Hug” gives them something to cuddle and treasure, and lets them know that others care.

Child Protective Services

Approximately 700 children a day are removed from the custody of their parents to protect them from alleged abuse or neglect. Imagine the trauma a child experiences when being taken from their home without warning. A “Little Hug” given by the child welfare case worker or emergency shelter caregiver demonstrates compassion and provides some comfort and security.

Grief Counseling Services

Losing a parent or sibling is a devastating experience for anyone. A gift from a stranger inspires hope and demonstrates love that is healing to a hurting heart. The gift of a “Little Hug” from a new grief counselor can also help establish trust and develop rapport to allow the healing process to begin.

Children's Hospitals

Hospitals can be a scary place for a child. A “Little Hug” given by hospital staff will help comfort and provide security to seriously ill or injured children during their stay. Studies show that a stuffed animal “lovey” eases anxiety and reduces stress.